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Big Tech is reshaping the way companies and executives think about their business strategies, manage their teams and achieve long-lasting results. Many companies are struggling to stay ahead of the curve as digital technologies drive dramatic change across industries.

How are leading organizations balancing the challenge of cutting costs while simultaneously supporting efforts to drive business and digital innovation and invest in the future?

We partner with clients to build strong understanding, capabilities and culture to accelerate digital transformation and deliver breakthrough results. We work closely with you to co-create learning solutions that forge the resilience and skillsets you need to thrive in this demanding business environment. Our executive education programs are designed to incite senior executives to develop digital oriented mindsets and skills, boost confidence to drive innovative strategies, and lead their organization’s digital initiatives effectively.
Hone Your Digital Skills
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Digital Excellence Is a Mindset

Executives gain the unique opportunity to navigate cutting-edge insights, and explore the latest smart-tech trends, tools and techniques that enable them to winning customer-focused solutions. They deepen their understanding of digital disruption drivers; they navigate the potentials of frontier technologies in the maximum as well as how to leverage them to drive digital transformation, and make strategic decisions that will increase revenue, productivity, and organizational readiness.

In this constantly changing context, managers must rapidly acquire new skills and expertise. Our word-class, highly experienced faculty provides an integrated view of leading digital transformation and uncovers the fundamentals of digital strategy, leadership and innovation. Therefore, executives gain the full perspective they needed to lead successfully in a digital world by developing their strategic understanding, innovation-based capabilities and leadership.

Client Case Study

Supporting a Multinational Business to Up-Skill Employees to Drive Productivity and Organizational Change

Our client, a glass manufacturing company, was experiencing both financial and operational difficulties. The client had initiated a major restructuring program, but was challenged to deliver immediate value, generate understanding, buy-in, and increased morale in the organization. In addition, the client needed assistance helping employees at all levels to embrace the changes and their new roles, and to maintain engagement and high levels of productivity. The solution was addressed to leaders/managers, professionals, and support.

Digital First Retail Management Program

A comprehensive, customer-centric journey to enable professionals to reinvent themselves for managing retail in a digital age.
Upcoming Session
Digital First Retail Management Program

Starting Date: May 3, 2021
Format: Online / 4 sessions
Duration: 2.5 hours / session
Tuition: $1,750

This is it! Finally, something definitive about what it takes to win the battle for share of customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.
EVP of Strategy and New Business Development Esteé Lauder Inc.

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