The NYIM Mini MBA program acts as a navigation tool for high-potential functional experts with progressive experience in their functional area and presents them a unique opportunity to build deep general management capabilities, gain confidence and help them drive business growth and organizational performance.

Throughout the program participants will evaluate strategies on how to increase productivity, better manage people and boost team performance. They will also explore ways on creating business value and assessing their organization from a financial and market perspective to support better decision making.

Practically focused, The NYIM Accelerated Mini MBA program is designed to raise one’s levels of self-awareness and build their strategic management, leadership, marketing and finance knowledge and skills – all critical success factors for effective general management.


Who Is This Program For?

The NYIM Mini MBA program is designed for high potential, highly motivated professionals; new managers; practitioners with management potential; experienced junior-level managers needing a boost. Recent graduates of any subject who are unlikely to have a postgraduate business degree, such as an MBA, will also benefit from this program.


Experience the 7×7 Maze Learning Activity which allows participants to explore leadership action that creates a shared collective vision. Challenge yourself to move from an individual “I can do it” perspective to leveraging a network of peer leaders, share information, hold each other accountable, build trust, navigate through complexity and explore the true value of a leadership network.

Executive One-to-One coaching (optional)

In order to extend and deepen the impact of the course experience, NYIM offers optional individual coaching (4 sessions) to help participants define their career vision and equipping them with the tools and knowledge they need to achieve success. Participants in the NYIM Mini MBA will:

Conducted during and after the course, this highly personal program option complements the NYIM Mini MBA with advice, support and additional resources from the NYIM coach.

Program Dates

      September 28, 2020
        November 26, 2020

Program Format

12 Online Sessions
3 hour classes

Program Tuition


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