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The retail industry is changing at a rapid pace. Today, retailers are dealing with increased levels of competition, market disruption, digital dominance, and fast changing consumer habits.

Staying on top requires retail professionals to be nimble, agile, analytical and educated to thrive in this changing landscape. They need to focus on strategic decision-making, critical skill development and data-driven approach to thrive.

The New York Institute of Management is the global leader in retail executive education. Our executive education programs are taught by the world’s leading faculty and experts to provide retail executives with tested tools and best practices based on professional competencies desired to boost performance. Our faculty are experts on industry best practices and they bring their world-class experience that to ensure a seamless and effective learning roadmap with tangible outcomes.

Unparalleled Functional Expertise

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Flexible Program Structures

Throughout our programs, executives have access to remarkable insights and knowledge, groundbreaking practices, and real-world examples from leading retailers who have been pioneers in the retail industry. They can review their organization’s business model, reposition it through innovative practices and plan next steps that can make significant impact considering their needs and business context. Our robust learning approach combines theory and practice to ensure desirable results.

In parallel, learning within a diverse and inspiring peer group ignites provocative ideas, new perspectives of thinking that can produce new trends that reshape the retail industry completely and in unexpected ways.

At New York Institute of Management, we have the experience, the insights, and the proper resources to form the retail leaders of tomorrow. We can help you and your organization set the pace, successfully navigate the constantly changing consumer landscape and access the right tools to eventually unlock your potential.

Client Case Study

Adapt a “Value-Added Selling” Approach to Drive Growth

In a highly commoditized, mature market reliant upon long-standing customer relationships characterized by a lowest-cost mindset, Client’s sales team was challenged to provide a differentiated value proposition.
The Client recognized that a shift toward a more consultative, value-oriented way of selling was a critical opportunity to support its pursuit of increased revenue and profit goals. Our program was attended by the entire sales and service team, account execs, sales reps, managers, sales support team.
Upcoming Session

Women in Leadership Program

Starting Date: July 12, 2021
Format: Online / 6 sessions
Duration: 2.5 hours / session
Tuition:  $2,950

This is it! Finally, something definitive about what it takes to win the battle for share of customers’ hearts, minds, and wallets.
EVP of Strategy and New Business Development Esteé Lauder Inc.

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